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September 21, 2007 / beidson

Sexual Terrorism With Your Cell Phone

Portable porn . . . it’s never been easier Though it’s been portable for a while with the coming of magazines and then laptops, now, with the coming of the new iPhone, it’s gotten even easier. And what’s worse, more inconspicuous. It’s not so easy to hide a dirty magazine in public, and laptops are somewhat inconspicous since it’s not unusual to carry one and work while on the go. But the iPhone has brought all the same advantages of a laptop to the palm of your hand, which means a smaller screen for more private viewing, even in the middle of a mall.

With increasing numbers of children and teenagers using cell phones, this demands the attention of parents. After all, many parents give their kids a phone for emergency’s sake, at the very least. But their greatest concern until now was probably how many minutes their kids were using. This will change if parents begin to buy their kids phones with internet access. There may be parental control features on the phone plans, but even still, all of the dangers previously associated with the kitchen computer have now been transferred to a portable device in your teenager’s pocket.

The real danger is that the internet has become a hunting ground for sexual predators, and now that internet access will be as easy as pulling a phone out of your pocket, the chances of sexual solicitation and other perversions have only increased. Kids don’t have to be at home anymore to access the internet, which means that they don’t have to be at home anymore to view porn or be solicited by a sexual predator. In a very real sense, you can now carry a predator in your pocket, and vice versa.

Maybe you’re not so concerned with your teenage son being solicited by a sexual predator; maybe he’s too smart to get cornered. But have you considered that he might become one some day down the road, after years of viewing pornography and engaging in sexually explicit messaging?

Be sure to gaurd yourselves from such dangers. Technology is not evil; we are, and we can use it for good or for harm. Unfortunately, despite all of our efforts to use it for good, there are many who do otherwise, and so we must be especially cautious, particularly when it comes to our children. Phones aren’t used just for talking anymore. A world of good and evil can be stored in your pocket and accessed in the palm of your hand. The potential is great, and so is the danger.


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