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December 11, 2007 / beidson

Jack Bauer, How Can You Save the World If You’re In Jail?

jack.jpgI just heard this morning that Kiefer Sutherland is currently serving part of a 48 day sentence for a DUI, and this while he was still on probation from an earlier DUI in 2004 (Notice: 48 is “24” x 2).

Of course, Sutherland plays the part of Jack Bauer, star of FOX’s much beloved “24” series, where he continually manages to save America, and the rest of the world for that matter, from the diabolical plots of terrorists and other really mean people.  He is a hero, to say the least, though many might also consider him a criminal, since he uses unconventional and many times illegal tactics to stop America’s enemies.

My question is, “How can he save the world if he’s in jail?”  Who is going to keep us safe from the evil terrorists?  Fortunately, it is only a 48 day sentence, and fortunately, Jack Bauer is a fictional character and therefore doesn’t really protect us anyway, despite what loyal fans may believe.

But it is ironic that the hero who saves us from terrorists on television is in a much smaller sense a terrorist in his own right, breaking the law and driving drunk, putting the lives of countless numbers of people in harm’s way.  In this sense, how can we be safe if even our “heroes” are criminals and “terrorists” themselves?

We need only trust in Jesus Christ, who at the cost of his royal majesty, became a man, and who at the cost of his life as a man, died for the sins of many.  He was incarcerated on the cross, being judged by his own Father and receiving the penalty of death that was due to us.  He was jailed for our liberation, and executed for our life.

Kiefer Sutherland will be released from jail by order of the court, but Christ released himself from the chains of death by his own power, conquering sin and death by his resurrection, and securing for us the very same promise from God.

Those who trust in Kiefer Sutherland to rescue them from danger (in a vicarious kind of way) will be greatly disappointed.  But Christ has defeated the greatest terrorist of all.  Those who affectionately and hopefully cast themselves on him need not fear the threat of any man. 

He never stumbled down the dusty roads of Galilee in a drunken stuper, but walked resolutely, with his face set toward Jerusalem, to drink the cup of God’s wrath for us, who in every sense of the word are truly terrorists (Romans 5:10).  Here is a man we can trust, even after we’ve turned our televisions off, and long after fictional heroes are forgotten.


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