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February 22, 2008 / beidson

“Out of This World” Investments

treasureprinciple.jpgMoney and heaven have this in common: they are timeless topics.  Though money will pass away, what we do with it in the meantime has much to do with eternity.

Author Randy Alcorn’s little book, The Treasure Principle: Discovering the Secret of Joyful Giving, is an incredible help in thinking biblically about money and possessions.  I’ve been recommending it for years now and it is still having a tremendous impact in my own life as I read it again and again.

The Treasure Principle is this: “You can’t take it with you–but you can send it on ahead.”  And fron this, he develops six keys:

  1. God owns everything.  I’m His money manager.
  2. My heart always goes where I put God’s money.
  3. Heaven, not Earth, is my home.
  4. I should live not for the Dot (life here on Earth) but for the Line (eternity, extending out from this “Dot”).
  5. Giving is the only antidote to materialism.
  6. God prospers me, not to raise my standard of living, but to raise my standard of giving.

The last two keys I find to be incredibly convicting, especially in light of the fact that I am a middle class American who has so much for which to be thankful.  But I’m not always thankful, and in fact, I find myself continually making plans to acquire and possess more stuff because I’m not satisfied with what God has already given to me.

I recommend this little book to any believer who is serious about money and serious about life.  There is a connection here that must be recognized, for the sake of your money and for the sake of your future.


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