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September 3, 2008 / beidson

Obama’s Mama: A Paradox for Dems

Last week at the DNC, tens of thousands of zealous Democratic supporters applauded their man of the hour, Barack Obama.  In what is to be remembered as a landmark moment in American history, an African-American accepted his party’s nomination to the presidency of the United States.  As he weighed in on different political issues, the greatness of the hour must have also weighed heavily on the shoulders of those who, just 40 years ago, wouldn’t have dreamed that such a thing could happen.  But did it dawn on anyone that the man standing center-stage was there because his mother chose not to abort him?

Writing for Politico, Ben Smith comments on Obama’s new radio ad attacking McCain’s pro-life views :

Barack Obama has launched a broadside against John McCain’s opposition to abortion rights and moved one of the most divisive issues in modern American politics to the airwaves on a large scale for the first time in this presidential campaign.

Obama’s new radio ad, airing widely in at least seven swing states, tells voters McCain “will make abortion illegal.” It’s airing as McCain courts female voters with the addition of the staunchly anti-abortion governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, to his ticket.

Obama’s campaign is seeking to secure the female vote from McCain by labeling him as anti-choice, or anti-women’s rights.  But the irony is that he is even alive to make such an argument.

Smith continues:

Democrats had, until now, sought to appeal to women primarily on economic issues such as health care and workplace discrimination; abortion rights were hardly mentioned at the Democratic National Convention in Denver last week. But women’s rights groups have been urging Obama to attack McCain on the issue, pointing to polling showing that some women who support McCain think he supports abortion rights. In fact, the Arizona senator has long supported a ban on abortions, with exceptions for victims of rape and incest, and for pregnancies that threaten the life of the mother. Palin has an even firmer anti-abortion stance: She would require rape and incest victims to carry their pregnancies to term.

Pro-life positions such as McCain’s and Palin’s would only be considered threatening to a culture that values choice more than life.  The fact is, of the 50,000,000 children aborted since Roe v. Wade, only a fraction of these were conceieved by rape or incest.  Most of these little ones were killed for convenience’ sake. 

Those who stand behind Obama’s position on abortion need to be thankful that he is even there to stand behind.  Is it not odd that they are rallying behind a man who would have supported his own mother’s right to end his life?  Is Obama dispensable?  If he had been aborted, would another black man have risen to the occasion?  If so, then what’s the big deal about Obama?  If not, then why support a position that could have prevented him from making history last week?

Your worldview must be choice-centered to hold such a contrary ideaology.  Thank God that Obama’s mother did not end his life, and the truth is, if he is elected, there may not be another man to fill his shoes for a very long time.  Who knows what great leaders never had the chance to lead because men and women did not give them the chance.  But of course, many people will make the choice to vote for Obama anyway, and ironically, they will only be hurting the causes for which they claim to be fighting.


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