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September 15, 2008 / beidson

The Main Reason I Would Never Vote For Barack Obama

I read an article this morning that juxtaposes the views of the two presidential candidates, Senators Obama and McCain, on abortion.  I was once again reminded of why I would never support a person for office who supports my wife’s right to abort my son, who is 2 weeks from birth.  Abortion is not a tiny issue, off to the side, amid a new stack of more pressing issues, like the lagging economy and the war in Iraq.  You can’t even make sense of the economy and war in Iraq if you don’t understand the value of life in the first place.  This is the self-destructive nature of a “pro-choice” worldview.  It can’t even really support itself, since it fights for choice, and choice is only available to those who live. 

It is true that no conservative president, whether conservative by label only or by actual practice, has overturned Roe v. Wade, and it is likely that it may never be overturned, though I pray to God it would be.  But that does not mean that we ought to forget about the issue of abortion simply because it seems we have lost major footing.  This would be like giving up on a cancer patient once they are diagnosed.  “Oh well, you have cancer.  I guess I’ll be moving on with my life.”  This would be the wrong response.  The correct response would be to fight for the patient’s life with whatever means are available, even though they are moving toward death.

If Senator Obama supported every child’s right to be born, and put a woman’s choice where it belonged, that is, subjugated to the child’s right to live, then I would listen to what he has to say.  But his contrary views on life and death scream so loudly that I am not able to hear anything else, in a sense.  Sure, he has plans to change things, but if that doesn’t include the unneccessary killing of millions of tiny humans, then I don’t care what he promises.  To borrow an excellent proverb, it would be like eating a banquet in the grave: he may give us lots of good stuff that will eventually be the death of us.

How can Senator Obama even argue against the war when his own views exalt a woman’s choice over a baby’s right to live?  This doesn’t make any sense.  Does he really think he has ground to stand on when he says that people are dying for no reason and then turns around and praises a woman’s right to abort her child for whatever reason?  Again, I am not here speaking of women who must end pregnancies in order to save their own lives–this is another matter to consider.  But it is an altogether different matter when a presidential candidate boasts in the fact that he is endorsed by a federally funded abortion “service” provider, as has Obama:

I was proud to get Planned Parenthood’s endorsement [this summer], but I have to say that when you look who’s got a 100 percent rating from Planned Parenthood, and you’ve got another candidate [McCain] with a zero percent rating from Planned Parenthood, then it’s not really a nail-biter [in deciding whom to support].  

In 2 weeks, I will be rejoicing in the fact that my wife never considered ending the life of our little boy.  And I will raise him to honor God’s good gift of life, even if it means he must lay down his life to defend it.  And I will most certainly try to instill in him the wisdom he will need to discern which candidate to vote for, which shouldn’t include a person who wouldn’t have supported his right to be born in the first place.

If you disagree with my reason for not voting for Senator Obama, then you can be thankful you are even alive to disagree, which only proves my point. 

You can view the juxtaposition of the 2 views here.


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