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September 17, 2008 / beidson

Obama’s Bumper Sticker Morality

The Obama Campaign has recently released a new line of faith-based paraphernalia hoping to identify with evangelical voters.  Perhaps these buttons and stickers will find their places on many shirts and vehicles of evangelical supporters, but it is uncertain as to how much this new line of merchandise will actually persuade undecided voters to offer him their support.

It is no surprise that Obama is touting a “pro-family” platform, since he knows that many evangelicals strongly oppose his views on abortion and marriage.  His message is clear: I am not going to hurt families; I am going to help them.  However, it is hard to reconcile this with his liberal record and proposals for protecting abortion-rights and limiting the rights of unborn children.  Obama is “pro-family” but only insofar as mothers choose to determine who gets to be in the family.

At any rate, these new family-friendly one-liners may look good on your shirt or bumper, but perhaps that’s as far as the message can go, since Obama’s worldview tends to toward a trajectory that is ultimately against families.  We’ll never know how many aborted children could possibly have cast their vote for Obama if they had been given the chance.  And this is the irony that Obama and many others must deal with, even as they sport their new bumper stickers and pins.

See here for a short critique of the merchandise offered by R. Albert Mohler, Jr., and click here and here to view the merchandise.


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