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September 18, 2008 / beidson

A Christian Response to Homosexuality Within the Church

Dr. Albert Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY, recently discussed the “coming-out” of popular Christian artist Ray Boltz.  Boltz recently announced that he was a practicing homosexual, to the surprise of many.  He has divorced his wife of 33 years and is now beginning again, so to speak.  Who knows how this will affect his career, and more importantly, his ability to communicate the gospel through song.  Of course, it will ultimately affect how he stands before Jesus Christ on Judgment Day, since he is in rebellion to the gospel of our Lord.

Dr. Mohler’s commentary on Ray Boltz’ admission is worthy of our attention.  It is both compassionate and convicting, as any biblical response to homosexuality ought to be.  He does an excellent job of exposing the normal sinful response of most churches, which possibly helped to bring Boltz to this point in his life, but he also refuses to back away from the Scriptures, and gives an excellent explanation and application of Scripture’s authority on this matter.

This ought to be the response all of us have when confronted with this type of sin within the church.  To go either left or right of this response will only hurt the church and the sinner, and this only to our shame and grief.


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