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September 29, 2008 / beidson

Introducing . . . Judah Cole Eidson

Congratulations to us.  My wife and I are now the proud parents of our very own man-child.  He was born on Sept. 25 at 3:55 pm, weighing in at 7lbs 15oz., 21 inches long.  He is a handsome little fellow and is fun to hold and kiss.  I can’t wait to watch him grow up.

I’ve been hanging out at the house the past few days, trying to organize our new lives.  We’re not sleeping very much, but it’s no big deal.  Our daughter Kate is having a hard time adjusting to the new superstar of the house.  All of a sudden the attention has shifted away from her and it’s getting to her.  I told her to mortify the flesh and kill her desire for the favor of men.  Just kidding.  She’s not even 3 yrs yet so I doubt she would understand.  However, I can empathize with her jealousy–we are all man-pleasers and self-worshippers by nature.  In time we pray that Kate learns to love her little brother and surrender her desire to be Kate-o-centric to Jesus’ desire to be the center of her world.

By the way, I can’t leave without driving a point home once again, as I have been doing time and again as of late.  Does anyone besides me find it absolutley horrendous that Senator Obama would have approved my wife’s “choice” to have aborted our son up until his birth, and perhaps even after, had he survived an abortion attempt?  Hmmmmmm.  I wonder if he would celebrate my son’s birth, or merely my wife’s choice to have him?  These are definitely different reasons for rejoicing and would say much about the man’s heart.

Anyway, I will raise my children to hate Obama’s politically expedient position on abortion “rights” and to pray for people like Obama, who forfeit life that they might have freedom.  And I will raise them to love men like Obama who, while they were unable to defend themselves, supported their mother’s right to abort them.  And I will raise my children to fear and adore Jesus Christ, who died for sinners like Senator Obama and myself, and to take a stand for the gospel and for life, even if they are hated by many for doing so.


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