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October 10, 2008 / beidson

A New Reason For School Pride?

Plans are in the works in Chicago for a new high school suited to meet the “special needs” of homosexual and other-than-normal sexually “oriented” students.  Social Justice High Shcool-Pride Campus is set to be completed by 2010, and will be especially geared toward the “underserved population of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth and their allies (LGBTQA youth).”  (Side note: questioning youth?  An overly-opportunistic hope to win those who’ve ever had sexually deviant thoughts.  With a category like this, one would be hard pressed to not find a place within this group)

Why a separate high school for the LGBTQA students of Chicago?  The reasons are quite evident, it would seem, including a prevalence of bullying, harassment and hate speech in city schools.  These and other factors, including a higher percentage of suicide attempts, depression and fighting among LGBTQA youth, are driving the Chicago public school system to provide a safe haven for teens who do not fit within the typical sexual mold.

But are these reasons really sufficient to fund a project such as this with tax dollars?  There are arguments on both sides of the debate.  However, perhaps the debate should not be on the building so much as the agenda being pushed with tax dollars.  The “special needs” of the LGBTQA students are not all that different from those of other students.  Nobody wants to be bullied, and LGBTQA students are not unique in this predicament.  In fact, homosexuality and other types of sexualities have much more momentum behind them now than in previous generations and from all outward appearances seem to be supported by much of mainstream America.  Many high school and college campuses actually promote many (any) types of sexual deviancy, and would criticize and even pursue legal action against those who would dare disagree.  With support like this we’ve got to ask, Who’s pushing who around?

But it is not enough to simply be tolerated in a school full of heterosexual teenagers; that doesn’t go far enough.  The agenda is to legitimize this type of sexual perversion by institutionalizing it, and promoting it without protest from teenagers and parents who might disagree.  Thus, within the course of a decade, a generation of kids would be given unrestricted freedoms both sexual and academic, and in consequence, and as planned, become the next generation of progressive leaders.  This is the larger picture we ought to be seeing.  It’s not these kids that are really front and center in this debate; it’s the kids that will be under the influence of these teenagers when they become the leaders of tomorrow.

This whole argument is couched in language of safety and affirmation, both of which every parent would agree with, no matter their beliefs about such sexual behavior.  And this is precisely why such a high school can even be built.  In ironic fashion, this movement is promoting civil rights by segragating students who face social criticisms.  And they are using language with wich no one can disagree.  Who would oppose safety in schools? 

Those who opppse this project now find themselves in the akward position of having to defend bullying and hate speech, which is completely unfair.  “Victim” terminology goes a long way in forcing everyone to get along, because no one wants to be an offender.  And this is how the agenda is being pushed forward, ironically, by bullying people into a no-win position, labeling all opposition as hateful and intolerant.

In a matter of one generation abnormal sexual behavior has been completely normalized and is well on its way to becoming institutionalized, if not already.  Deviant sexualities are now mainstream, and nay-sayers are continually having to defend themselves against charges of intolerance and hate.  To even speak of “normal” sexuality, as defined in Scripture, is now to speak against those who defy biblical sexuality.  It’s not hard to imagine where this type of logic will lead us.  Soon no one will be allowed to speak against sexual deviancy, as it will be given such great legal and social support that all opposition will be silenced, perhaps even by force.

Maybe there ought to be a school for jocks only, or nerds only, or skaters only.  But there is no agenda to push here, and that is why there aren’t any.  This isn’t Degrassi High anymore.  School spirit is changing, as is school pride.  But unfortunately, there are different reasons for pride now than there were a generation ago, and soon there will even be a building to prove it.

See here for NPR story.


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