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October 13, 2008 / beidson

Political Zealots and Political Power: New Movie Reveals More About Hollywood Than The President

Hollywood knows politics.  And it knows how to cast a vote too.  Though far removed geographically from the White House, Hollywood has a seat in the Oval Office, at least if only by influence.

W. the movie, from director Oliver Stone, is set to be realeased this week, just in time to beat Election Day (imagine that).  If for no other reason, the timing of its release should bring into question the legitimacy of this film–not to mention the fact that it is a bit akward that the film is being released before the end of the President’s term.  You would think Hollywood might at least do the courtesy of waiting until January, but then again, the election would be over by then, and that is the whole point.

The film is supposedly based on a true story, perhaps only insofar as it is based on actual people, but truthfulness comes to an end at this point.  We can certainly expect that this film would not honor the President in any way.  The point is to mock and belittle him.  This film is nothing more than a dramatization of an ideaology of scorn and hatred held by the media elite.  They are shameless in their ridicule of the President, and as far as they are concerned, you should be as well.

Don’t expect to see any such films about former President Clinton, or Senator Obama, should he be elected, and especially while he is in office.  President Bush is not the perfect president by any means, nor is he exempt from criticism.  These are expected when you play a part on the international stage.  But this movie does not intend to take a serious look at the President’s life, nor accurately portray his life any more than is necessary in order to base the movie, though loosely, on a true story.  This is not their agenda.  Rather it is to put a question mark at the end of what they consider to be a very questionable presidency.  The real question, however, is how fair they are in the answers they presume to give to their own questions.

I have not seen the movie yet, but the trailer itself tells the story.  I question how truthful certain comments supposedly made by the President really are, particularly those made while he is in disposal.  Was his biographer really present to record such remarks?  And I get nervous when people talk about conspiracy theories, particularly in this case, when the accused is charged with things that would be impossible to do in secret.  Ironically, those who consider the man from Texas to be the “village idiot” manage to give him credit for political feats that only a genius could pull off.  And all of this without notice by the mainstream media, which, for the most part, are quick to jump on negative stories about the president.  But that is the nature of conspiracy, of course.

At any rate, as serious as Hollywood is about influencing America with this film, most Americans will not take this film seriously, because most Americans are aware of Hollywood’s political zeal and power.  Far from revealing the greed and corruption of this presidency, Hollywood has only confirmed once again that they will do whatever it takes to rock the vote and gain a seat in the White House.  These are the real power-hungry zealots.


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