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November 4, 2008 / beidson

A Prayer for America on Election Day

As we wait for the election results coming much later tonight, our hearts should be waiting on God evenvote31 now.  Dr. Albert Mohler has given some very helpful directions for praying on a day like today.  Take a second to read through them.

As Americans, we need to vote–it is our civic duty.  As Christians, we must pray–it is commanded of us and ought to be our joyful duty and delight.

Regardless of who wins, our prayers ought to include our new President, as well as other relevant elected officials.  Our prayer is not that God would make America a “Christian” nation, but that he would, by his common grace, lay the burden of justice on the shoulders of all Americans.  We do not pretend that the President must be a Christian to be an effective leader.  However, he must be a defender of human life, from beginning to end, and a just and upright leader.  Though he may not listen to the Scriptures, he cannot be a man who ignores the proclamation of the heavens: “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork” (Psalm 19:1).  If he will not listen to the voice of Christ, he must at least understand the clarion call of his creation: there is a God to whom we must answer.

So pray for our new President and leaders, and do not grumble and complain–these are not fitting for those whose tongues have been redeemed and whose hearts have been given a new song to sing.  Pray for American today, and continue to pray until the next Election Day.


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