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November 11, 2008 / beidson

Praying for President (Elect) Obama’s Success and Failure

President-elect Barack Obama has already begun work in Washington, preparing himself and hisobamafamily administration for the challenges that are sure to face them from the moment he takes office.  He will face many of the same challenges that former presidents have faced, as well as many new challenges never known to any president, which will require courage and wisdom on his part.  For these challenges, we must pray for God to strengthen our new President and give him the resolve needed to overcome any obstacles to success.  But for other challenges our new President will face, we must pray that God would allow him to fail.

For instance, the latest news reports reveal President-elect Obama’s plan to reverse important strategies implemented by the current administration to combat AIDS in foreign countries through abstinence education and family-planning assistance.  This strategy’s success is built on fidelity and family-planning assistance which does not encourage abortion.  Obama’s administration believes this effort falls significantly short of what it has hoped to achieve.  Their argument is quite simple: abstinence doesn’t go far enough.  Something more is needed, which is proper sex education, accompanied with contraceptives and abortion services.

Not surprisingly, Obama’s plan is a welcome change to many people who have opposed Bush’s current strategy.  But this is not necessarily good.  Beyond nationailizing abortion services and broadening abortion rights, Obama’s administration may play a significant role in globalizing abortion and infanticide.  Though they stress prevention, the truth is, it is prevention at any cost, even the cost of a child’s life.

If President (elect) Obama is able to carry out his policy proposals, we can expect to see many more unfortunate changes such as these.  And for each proposal that would harm little ones in the name of freedom and scientific advancement, we must pray for Obama’s failure.  We certainly do not want him to succeed if his success comes at the price of other people’s lives.

However, we can and must pray for Obama’s success at combating AIDS and other global crises.  We certainly hope that as President, he will do much good in using our resources to break new ground in our war against such threats to humanity.  We must pray that he is successful wherever human dignity is at stake, no matter what the issue, great or small.  He is, first and foremost, the man to whom we must look to demonstrate justice and liberty for all.

But he must not leave people behind in the dust of progress.  If any human life is taken to benefit another, human dignity has been assaulted.  Human life may be given to benefit another, but this is a different matter.  As President, Obama must realize his responsibility to defend human dignity before human freedom, and human life before scientific advancement.  If we lose the battle over life, we will lose the war, no matter what other victories we may gain.


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