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November 20, 2008 / beidson

Fight FOCA Petition

I found this today while visiting a few of my favorite blogs.  As you may already know, President Elect Barackfoca Obama made a promise to Planned Parenthood that, as President, the first thing he would do is sign the Freedom of Choice Act, which is a piece of legislation that would radically hurt the pro life cause, stealing many of the victories that have been won in the fight for unborn children.

Obama’s promises to make life better for Americans seem very suspect when juxtaposed to his promise to Planned Parenthood.  That he does not see the obvious hypocrisy in condemning Presiden’t Bush’s war ethics while excusing the murder of millions of unborn children every year strikes me as quite frightening.  By his own standard, he is no different than President Bush.  If the war in Iraq has resulted in unneccessary fatalities, as Obama has stated, so much more so has his fight against the rights of the unborn.  But out of sight, out of mind, right?  At least the soldiers can speak out in protest, if they want.  But President Elect Obama, and others united with him, prefer to silence the voices of those who would beg to differ about their “choice.”

See here to sign this petition and speak out on behalf of those for whom our next President refuses to speak.


Will the first black president hurt black people?


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