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November 26, 2008 / beidson

Radical Feminism Gives New Life to Biblical Feminism

A century ago women wouldn’t have dreamed that a woman could vote for a President, let alone run for the woman1Presidency.  But times have changed, for better and for worse.  The feminist movement has forced both the state and the church to continually reconsider their views concerning women’s rights, and to their credit, feminists have brought about needed change, though perhaps with unbiblical motives.  However, we have also seen a radical shift in the meaning of feminism itself, a shift that has no doubt left many women and men confused and uneasy.

But this shift has had a tremendously positive effect within the church.  Despite the negative effects of theological liberalism and feminist theology, radical feminism has spawned a counter-movement within evangelicalism that has revived an intense, passionate pursuit of biblical feminism.  Whereas women a century ago may have favored the biblical model of femininity, they may have done so only because it was normal to do so.  However, this awakening is now causing Christian women to embrace biblical femininity at a time when it is extremely unpopular.  They are in fact part of a counter-revolution, a movement against the feminist movement, which seeks to call women toward the biblical model of womanhood.

Listen here to hear Mary Kassian explain this new counter-revolution.  Also, click here to view the True Wsoman Manifesto, at


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