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December 11, 2008 / beidson

Britney Spears is a Womanizer

Britney Spears is pointing the finger at run-around men, but what she may not realize is that shebritney-spears21 is worse than them.  Her latest song “Womanizer” is supposed to be a “I’ve got you figured out, you’re not fooling me” type statement against would-be users, but it seems that she is the one who is fooling herself.

We all know the story on Britney.  She’s the young Disney-gone-wild type pop star that we’ve seen so much of in recent decades, and it looks as if her little sister might be following in her steps soon enough–we will see about that.  Britney has become famous for being “naughty,” that is, sinfully provocative and shamelessly immoral.   She reached the pinnacle of her fame years ago, so we thought, before plummeting to disgrace (though that may be too strong a word, since people such as her love any sort of publicity).  Drugs, promiscuity, a fatherless child . . . the list goes on. And apparently, she isn’t finished yet.

Britney is typical of all of us–self-centered and completely fooled about our own depravity. Though we may admit to wrong-doing, we are never eager to confess moral failure, and even more, our sin against God. We may not be as famous as Britney, but in our hearts, we think we are. We are all guilty of Britney’s sin, though perhaps to greater or lesser degrees.

I haven’t seen the video for this song, but based on what little I have seen of Britney in advertisements, I’m betting I’d see too much. She’s not a friend of purity, nor a friend of Christ. She belongs to her father, the Devil, and her desire is to do his will.  Far from being an innocent victim of her environment, she is a predatory pervert, looking for whom she may devour.  If you’re looking for the Proverbs 31 woman, look elsewhere.  She’s more like the Proverbs 7 woman.

The sad truth is that Britney Spears is the real womanizer.  She is using her femininity against Christ, and living in antithesis to biblical womanhood as revealed in Scripture.  Rather than blame the aggressive guys in the clubs looking for a famous fling, she ought to realize the transgression begins in her bedroom as she prepares for a night of rebellion against her Creator.  She is the one who is turning on women, even as she sings her womanizing gospel to cheering fans.

And lest we blame Britney for ruining good boys and girls, let’s remember that we are no different if we have not learned self-control, which, by the way, is a fruit of the Spirit.  It is only by the grace of God that we are not all womanizers.  We are all predators by birth, always looking for someone to use for our own advantage.  In this regard, it is not difficult to see how we are like our parents, Adam and Eve.  When we cast off restraint, we are not liberated–we are sentenced to death.  And this death is a daily dying in our bodies, our minds, our hearts, our words, our lives.  Where we ought to be treating each other as brothers and sisters, we are instead sizing up one another and taking note of what there might be to gain by manipulation.

It is only by belonging to the Man Jesus Christ that we may rightly learn how to be men and women and how to properly respect manhood and womanhood.  Apart from Christ, we all tend to drift into Britney’s error.  But in Christ we may know what it is to really love the opposite gender, in order that we would abandon our womanizing ways.


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