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December 12, 2008 / beidson

God is Not Mocked: Betty Page Dies at 85

All beauty is like grass: it withers and fades away.  This great inescapable truth rings throughout the pages of Scripture and the corridors of time.  We are all headed to the grave, and then to face the Judge.

Seductress Betty Page died yesterday at the ripe old age of 85.  Known for her debauchery and bizarre sexual perversions, she lived long enough to see the wrinkling of her body which had made her so famous.  No doubt her Playboy days were over long ago, and this only serves as a reminder that God cannot be mocked.  If we cast our lot with the flesh, we will always be disappointed, a point proven yesterday when her flesh could not perform any longer the way it had for years.  She will now stand exposed before the Lord Jesus Christ and give an account of her life, a life which was no less than wasted and wicked.  All of her exposure before the eyes of men will now be laid bare before Him with whom she has to do.

This is a reminder that our fleeting pleasures are temporary on purpose.  Their temporality speaks volumes to the nature of sin and the surpassing excellencies of God.  Our flesh will always fail us.  And if we gratify ourselves in the flesh, then it will be the flesh we reap in the end–dying, old, wrinkled and without any merit before Christ the King.

Wrinkles are a judgment against us.  Dare we trust in a beauty which for sure will pass away, if our lives do not end before old age?  Is there any sense in lusting after that which is headed toward skin cancer, age blemishes, and decay?  The fleeting nature of beauty wasn’t just Betty Page’s problem.  We are all growing old, and we wil all die, no matter how far our age-defying technologies take us.  We might be vixens and predators now, but be sure, God has turned nature against us–we are the ones being pursued.

Betty Page is dying proof that our object of desire ought not be dying itself.  Only in Christ can we be exposed and unashamed, and only in Christ will we be able to find the flesh that satisfies–a flesh with no wrinkles, yes, but with scars nonetheless.  But these are the scars that make us new, unlike Betty Page, who’s flesh was an agent of death.  Which would you prefer?


A correction: my father was kind enough to point out that Bettie (born as Betty) Page became a born-again Christian in the late 50s and became and active part of the Billy Graham Crusade, later leaving and becoming somewhat of a recluse.  If she did in fact place her hope in Christ, then she is now enjoying her new life in the presence of her Redeemer, who has cast all of her sins behind his back, having justified her by his blood.  This means that my father and I will see her in heaven one day, as we rejoice along with her that wretches like us could be made new, and given eyes to see and ears to hear and a heart that loves righteousness and hates evil.

As for the comments above, they still hold true when you consider her former life, which is still the life that many people today actively choose.   And as for your sin, sometimes it has a way of following you, especially in Betty’s case, when the depths of her sin were so well known and live on in such great infamy.  In this regard, God is not mocked–you reap what you sow, at least to some extent.

So if Betty Page is with Christ, just insert another name in her place, any name among those who reject the gospel of Christ and despise his grace.  And if you are trusting in Christ, you can be assured that God will not be mocked in your case either, because, in fact, your sins were dealt with on the cross, and Christ was crucified in your stead.\

Thanks Dad.  I will be a better investigator next time.


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