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January 20, 2009 / beidson

Wish I Was In Washington

I would absolutely love to be in Washington D.C. today experiencing one of the wonders ofobama2 democracy with the peaceful transfer of power in the inauguration of Barack Obama.  As I watch the events unfolding on television, with a sea of people on the National Mall, and a frenzy of activity all about, I am a bit jealous that I cannot be there in the middle of it, to experience such an historical event first hand.  It is a great day to be an American.

Though I strongly oppose many of our new president’s beliefs and policies, I will no doubt be praying for his protection today, and in the days to come.  And I will most certainly be praying that he would see the folly of his understanding on abortion, particularly, as well as on some other important issues.  As for the economy, it is a lesser concern to me, in spite of the fact that I believe we are gearing up for a season of national socialism that does not fit America.  Hopefully, there will be enough balance in our government, and enough responsibility left in the hands of our businesses and institutions, that we will not delve too deep into a futile experiment.  But as I said, the economy is not as important as other matters . . . .

I am glad to see such a young, intelligent man taking this burden upon his shoulders, and I am even more glad that progress is being made in our long struggle against racism in America.  These are not the points, to be sure.  Race does not qualify or disqualify a person from office, and that is the point.  We should most certainly hope that from now on, any citizen, no matter what their skin color, could be president, even another white man (or woman).  In many respects, President Obama will be a great role model for young African Americans, and all teenagers for that matter.  I only hope that in the near future, Mr. Obama’s ideaologies will not continue to contradict his intentions.  Apart from his wrong views on the sanctity of human life, which are most disagreeable, he stands now as a leader in Black America, not to mention White America, etc.  To a great extent, we must all respect his achievement.  And we must pray for a biblical transformation in his heart and mind.

I sure wish I was in Washington today.


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