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January 28, 2009 / beidson

Mary Did You Know That Your Baby Boy . . . Is Less Important To Obama?

Why all of the criticism over President Obama’s abortion policies and views?  Are many Christiansmary making a big fuss over nothing?  Are there more important things to worry about?  Not really.  If all we had to discuss were differences over the President’s economic policies, I’d have virtually nor reason to ever write about him, except to say that I really don’t want America to go the way of Socialism (which, to be fair, would be a criticism of Bush as well).  But abortion and all of its consequences is too great a matter to gloss over.  It is as the crown on the King’s head, a symbol of authority and dominion.  This is why I am continually speaking to the subject; why everyone else isn’t is unclear to me.  What should be abundantly clear, however, is that there is no ground upon which to make moral arguments against torture and human rights if you diminish the value and dignity of unborn children.  You can make pragmatic arguments, but cannot make moral arguments.

One of the great ironies in our new president’s views on human dignity is that he finds himself in the awkward position of having to hypothetically defend Mary’s decision to have aborted baby Jesus, whom Obama claims to worship, or at least follow.  In effect, he has invalidated his own faith because he defends a position which could have ended the object of his faith.  I wonder if the President thinks that another Christ would have come along.  If so, he clearly does not understand the Christ of Scripture.  If not, then he has warring loyalties in his heart that must be reconciled, or else he will remain a fantastic example of one who maintains impossibilities under the pretense of civil rights and justice.

Many are praying that President Obama will change his heart and thinking on abortion and abortion rights.  If he does, besides the enormous amount of thankfulness I would have to God, I would also have a great amount of admiration for a man who turned his back on those with whom he felt he could no longer accept support, though it would be politically suicidal to do so.  This would be a brave and bold move, and I pray to God that Obama would become an example to us all of changing our politics to match our God-given sense of justice.

So who is more important?  Mary, and her right to abort?  Or Jesus, the Supreme Judge and the Savior of Adam’s race?  According to President Obama, Mary is more important than Jesus.


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