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January 29, 2009 / beidson

Why Capital Punishment Is Pro-Life

To the objection that advocates for unborn children are inconsistent if they also maintain a state’speacejusticeandjesus right (duty) to capital punishment, Dr. Russell Moore offers wise biblical counsel.  Capital punishment defends life and holds up the dignity of both the victim and the offender by treating each as responsible, valuable, moral beings, and not as dumb animals.  To the contrary, how can those who defend abortion rights stand against capital punishment, or defend animals and trees over babies?  This is where inconsistencies abound, not in defending the unborn and putting murderers to death.

His message can be found here.  Mr. Robbie Sagers begins the message, and Dr. Moore concludes it (beginning at 21:25).  It is part 5 of  a 6 part series titled Peace, Justice and Jesus.


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