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January 30, 2009 / beidson

I Believe In ALF But I Don’t Believe In Aliens: Scripture On Extra-Terrestrials

I am aware that the cute and fuzzy, long-snouted, hand-made beloved character of the 80salf sit-com ALF isn’t really a living being, at least, as far as we know, and as far as I can tell.  So no, I don’t believe in this particular ALF; however, there is One who might be called an ALF in some respects, and in Him I do believe.

As for beings that live on other planets, I am sure that the Scripture presents to us the impossibility of such a case, at least, as far as moral, intellectual creatures are concerned.  Is there plant and animal life on other planets?  Well, Scripture doesn’t specifically say there isn’t, but from Genesis to Revelation, the earth is presented to us as the center of the cosmos, a place especially made by God, set apart from the rest of creation.  I guess there could be plant or animal life on other planets, but Scripture seems to be clear enough that there isn’t, and this would be my official opinion.  However, if plant or animal life were ever discovered elsewhere, I would not be rattled in my faith, since it doesn’t present a theological problem.

What would present a problem is if intelligent, moral beings existed somewhere beyond Earth.  This would cause a theological crisis of cosmic proportions, literally.  And here’s why.  If there are such creatures, who, like us, are intellectually and morally different than animals, then they too would be judged by Jesus Christ on the Last Day.  And even worse, they would have no hope of redemption since Christ did not incarnate into their likeness, live among them, and die for them.  If such aliens existed, they would be unsaveable, much as we would be without the incarnation of Christ.  And the Scriptures are clear that Christ came to dwell among us, on Earth, and to die for Adam’s race, not an alien race.  Of course, we might suppose that aliens are like angels, morally and intellectually capable, yet created differently than humanity, and still accountable to God.  I guess this could be so, but this would be conjecture.  Scripture speaks clearly about angels and humans, but that is it.

As for ALF (Alien Life Form), the Bible does speak of one who came from somewhere else to live among us, who is altogether different than us and superior to us in every way.  Though Jesus was certainly not a hairy, bug-eyed monster, he was alien in every way.  And yet he robed himself in human flesh, having taken off his robe of majesty, and he gives to us an alien righteousness that is not our own.  Though separate from us, Christ identified with fallen humanity and died a criminal’s death, only to rise 3 days later so that fallen humanity could then robe themselves in his majesty.  No, we are not Mormons; we do not think we will becomes gods.  We are Christians, and we believe in ALF, who is Jesus Christ, who visited our planet and dwelt among us, who will yet come again to defeat our enemy and redeem the cosmos, not with a spaceship and laser technology, but on a white horse, with a sure word of judgment and salvation.  In this man I believe.


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