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February 6, 2009 / beidson

More On Twitty and Diddy

I wanted to clarify a few things about my previous post on music artists Conway Twitty and P.conwayloretta Diddy:

  1. I am not speaking primarily about the persons, but about their personifications, and there is a difference.  While it must be admitted that even actors and musicians will be held accountable to God for their “performances” it is also true that there is a way in which a performance may send a different message than the performer’s private life.  There are connected, to be sure, and you cannot separate a person’s public life from their private, as Scripture clearly speaks.  But as for Conway and Diddy, on stage they present to us two very different messages about manhood, and Conway is much closer to true manliness than is Diddy, who is miles away from reality–much in the same way that John Wayne and Richard Simmons are, though off screen they might have been much the same.
  2. Conway Twitty seems to recognize the dignity, value and delicacy of women, over and against Diddy’s twisted view of women as mere sex toys and fashion accessories.  I have not listened to every song either artist has made, but from what I have heard, Conway Twitty seems to want to honor women, and at times “courts” their favor with kind words of endearment, whereas Diddy assumes and even demands certain “favors” from women.
  3. Conway seems to always be singing to a single woman, whereas Diddy sings (raps/talks) to many women at one time.  Diddy oozes infidelity and faithlessness.  Again, maybe Twitty is guilty of the same thing, but I am not familiar enough with his entire musical portfolio to know this, which is why I am merely using him as an example.

At any rate, there is a reason why your grandmother would rather listen to Conway Twitty than P. Diddy, and it isn’t because she’s old-fashioned.  There is a trace of chivalry in Conway’s music that is completely absent from Diddy’s music, and this is a clear example of the shift in the meaning of manhood we have witnessed in recent decades.  This is a continual shift–every generation has had to war against male chauvinism and passivity and feminism in its own way, but by and large, ours is a generation which is witnessing the shift on an even greater scale than recent centuries have known.  And the burden of change rests on the shoulders of normal moms and dads to display the glories of biblical masculinity and femininity to our children, so that they would grow up to be more like Conway and Loretta than P. Diddy and Brittney, and even better still.


One more thing.  Conway Twitty isn’t the best example of masculinity, and P. Diddy isn’t the worst.  There are far better contemporary examples of both.  But Twitty and Diddy rhymed, and there were some very clear contrasts, so I chose these two artists.


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