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February 19, 2009 / beidson

Maybe It’s Maybeline . . . Or Maybe It’s More Than Make Up

As I was driving to work the other day I noticed a young lady putting on make up while she wasmake-up driving down the road.  She had a bumper sticker on the back which gave evidence that she was at least an evolutionist, if not agnostic, atheist, or otherwise.  Here she was making herself beautiful on her way to wherever, all the while believing her desire for beauty is an instinct connected to one link in the chain of evolution.  Was she simply making herself more attractive to increase her chances of survival and reproduction, or was she doing something far more profound than merely “surviving?”

Scripture is clear that our love for others ought to reflect the love we have for ourselves.  We do not hesitate to take care of our own bodies, to nurture them and clothe them and feed them, and just so, we are not to hesitate in our care and concern for the bodies of those around us.  This concern we have for our own body is by design, and is rooted in a reality far greater than flesh and blood, and far more beautiful than Maybeline could hope to create.  It stems from the image of God in us as creatures especially made for his glory.  We take care of ourselves because, in doing so, God is revealing to us something about himself: that everything finds its ultimate meaning in him, even make up.

That young lady was not an evolutionist in the strictest sense of the word.  In fact, she was emphatically God-centered in her application of lipstick and eye liner.  The truth is that she was not simply preparing herself for fitness or trying to manipulate her way into reproductive security.  She was giving testimony to the fact that she is made in God’s image.  She cares for her body because God has made her this way.  She may deny God’s design with bumper sticker sophistry, but her make up mocks her unbelief and only preaches the very message she refuses to hear: God has made her with his hands.

We cannot escape the delcaration of natural law and revelation.  All signs point us toward an omnipotent Being to whom we must give an account.  We are not left to our own devices, but are commanded to filter our lives through the grid of the gospel, to know ourselves and one another and God through the person of Jesus Christ.  He is the Creator of everthing, and in him we live and move and have our being.  In him we may truly understand the meaning of existence.  In him we may rightly comb our hair or put on our make up.

So maybe it was just Maybeline, but maybe it was something more.  Maybe it was a sign that she is God’s creature, made in his image, and as such, is responsible to act on this knowledge according to revelation.  It was more thank make up.  It was the image of God in her.


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