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May 13, 2009 / beidson

Glenn Danzig Is A Woman

At the risk of commenting on old rock music, I’d like to propose that Glen Danzig is a woman.  He’s not really a woman; he justdanzigkkm9 acts like one.  And maybe we do too.

To elaborate a little on my previous post, Danzig’s hit song “Mother” is “counsel” to mothers and fathers, crying out to them, if you will, warning them of words and ways that lead to hell.  But maybe this is just satire, or maybe just plain mockery.  Whatever he might have meant, he surely wasn’t pleading for the salvation of young children and for the concern of parents.  In essence, he was just being silly, and really, he was just being a fool.

And here’s the thing.  He sounds a lot like the woman Folly who cries out to the simple-minded, pleading for their attention, praying they would be captivated by her offer of “stolen water” (Proverbs 9:17).  And what’s more, Folly mimics the lady Wisdom, but only to mock her and to seduce those who are headed toward her.  Her only intentions are to destroy, and in this regard, I believe Glenn Danzig is acting like a woman, the woman Folly, that is.

But we must be careful–Proverbs was written to us.  We are the ones tempted to hear Folly, to run after her, to embrace her.  When we turn our ears from Wisdom and mock the offer of life she holds out to us, we too are like Folly.  This is how it is possible to sing a song about “finding hell” and never mean a word of it.  This is how it is possible to believe in hell, but never live like you believe it.


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