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July 15, 2009 / beidson

Nickelback, I’ve Figured You Out

Though they may think they are incredibly cool because they sell, I’ve got news for Nickelback: they aren’t cool at all.  In fact, theynickelback are the furthest thing from cool I can imagine.  If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of hearing “Figured You Out” then I hope you will agree with me: Nickelback is a band of fools.  They are only one example from contemporary culture, so I am not necessarily singling them out.  They represent a larger problem: people hate God and love sin, so they reject authority and invent ways to pursue evil, and run over everyone in the process.

I won’t repeat the lyrics to “Figured You Out” here; they are far too retarded and foolish, not to mention they make me very angry.  In fact, in my flesh I would love to pound these guys into a pulp for boasting in sexual deviancy, mocking women, belittling sex, and worst of all, praising violence toward women.  I am not a big guy by any stretch of the imagination, but in my flesh, I would really like to hurt these guys with my fists.  Of course, that would be returning evil for evil.  Vengeance belongs to the Lord.  I pray these young fools would turn from folly, and I pray to God he would save them from his wrath through Jesus.  But if they persist in their folly, especially as it endangers and belittles women, sex and fidelity, I pray the Lord would take them to the grave early and inflict on them the punishment they deserve.  But they have time still to repent and turn from their devious, underhanded, treacherous ways.  God is ever so patient with such sinners.

You guys are fools, Nickelback.  You boast in idiocy and deviancy and violence.  You are not cool; you are stupid.  I can’t stand you and I can’t stand what you stand for.  I am not righteous, so I do not pretend to come against you with moral authority.  But Jesus is righteous, and he has redeemed my life from destruction and given me a new heart to love good and hate evil.  The Lord will crush you if you do not repent.  Come to Christ for grace and mercy; be forgiven and freed from your wretched flesh.  If not, you will see what righteous anger looks like.  God has figured you out, and you will not get away with such foolish words.  So repent.


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