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July 23, 2009 / beidson

Why You Need Flesh To Fight “The Flesh”

There is no technology that can keep you from sin.  There is no machine that can fight off temptation.  There is no program that can reprogram your heart.  Only other people, working through the power of the Spirit of Christ, according to the Scriptures, can lead you out of sin.  God’s plan for change is the person sitting next to you.

Though software and other technologies may be very helpful and even necessary when combatting temptation and being wise against Satan’s devices, these devices themselves are only useful insofar as there is a person behind them, applying them with biblical skill and care.  Left to our own, we will always find a way to get around these safeguards.  This is why we must have in-the-flesh people to fight our flesh.

And this means that the people we look to need to be people we can actually look at, in the eyes, face to face.  Long distance accountability has its place, but ultimately, we need someone who can image the proximity of the Spirit by being in our presence continually.  There is something about personal contact that maximizes accountability and its power to deliver from temptation.  Again, there may be times when the best person to speak with isn’t anywhere close to you, but this cannot be a permanent arrangement.  There needs to be someone who can look you square in the eyes and deal with matters of the heart.  Someone needs to see your life being lived out in small ways, and this simply cannot be done from long distances.

Look with discernment at those whom God has put in your life and make a friend who sticks closer than a brother (or sister).  Like the sickly woman, we must grab the hem of the Healer’s garment if we hope to have victory, even if that “hem” looks more like a factory uniform or business suit.  Don’t be foolish.  You will not walk away from temptation if there aren’t other people in your life walking with you.  You need flesh to fight the flesh.


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