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September 10, 2009 / beidson

Bruce Springsteen Was Right: Everybody’s Got A Hungry Heart

I’m not sure how much Bruce Springsteen and I would be in agreement on various issues, but I at least agree with him on this:brucespringsteeneverybody does in fact have a hungry heart.  Mr. Springsteen is not known for being a theologian, but this is a very profound theological statement, even if made unwittingly.

We are undeniably driven by our appetites.  The issue is what exactly we are hungry for.  Jesus said that those who hunger for righteousness are blessed.  Paul said that some people’s bellies were their gods.  James says that sin is born not in circumstantial conflict, but by internal conflict, a war of cravings and desires in our hearts.  We are driven by desire, an overwhelming hunger for a thing or person or feeling or reality.  Our passions are at war within us, and even The Boss knows this.

The thing that we set our hearts on is the thing we worship.  The thing we pursue is the thing we worship.  We are driven by desire, which is why the object of our desire is so key to understanding our behavioral patterns.  We will rearrange our lives in order to have the thing we crave.  Which is why Jesus forbids us to hunger for anything above him.  Where our desire is, there are heart is sure to be also.

No, Bruce Springsteen wasn’t singing about deep spiritual truths, at least not technically speaking.  But everybody has a hungry heart, and this is undeniable.  We were made for rest, for relationship, for truth.  We were made to hunger for the Bread of Life.

Everybody needs a place to rest
Everybody wants to have a home
Dont make no difference what nobody says
Aint nobody like to be alone


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