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June 13, 2010 / beidson

Red Thread: The Story That Stitches All Things Together

There is a certain triumphal theme that you can find in just about anything–any book, any song, any movie, any conversation,anything.  Even if it is anti-triumphalistic or downward spiraling, there is at least an antithematic confession, much the same as black betrays that there is white and the night admits that there is a sun.  This theme is blood, and more specifically, a blood that courses through all of creation.  Some see it, some don’t.  Some love it.  Some hate it.  But at any rate, everyone knows it’s there, for better or for worse.

This blood is the storyline behind our lives.  Literally, we are bound together by this blood.  It is the blood of fidelity.  It is the gospel of Jesus.  This is what we long for.  We are blood-thirsty in this respect, in that God has made us to want a long and steady love, one that is faithful and does not abandon or leave to despair.  Sin has turned us into murderers.  The desire that should have driven us to Jesus’ blood is corrupt and now pushes us to rebellion against God and one another.  Our longing to see “sameness” and a continual pattern of enduring love has been quenched instead with temporary illusions of love, leaving us empty and angry, demanding the blood of others.

I hate divorce because it is a betrayal of love, and yet, Jesus’ said that the seed of adultery is in my own heart.  I hate murder because it is faithless, and yet, Jesus said that I have already murdered because I have been sinfully angry at others.  Bad headlines make me sick, and yet I have done much that, if the world knew about, would make them far more sick.  We crave fidelity, and yet we betray it with every breath.  We are always trying to get at something great but our sinfulness has doomed us from reaching it.  We know there is something out there we should be seeing, but we are blind.

God has told us what it is we wish we knew.  He has revealed himself to us in his Son, Jesus.  And Jesus has given us a context for our living.  He is the author of the story.  He has put everything together in a single string.  And it is the gospel, the story of his blood, that holds everything together.

Natural people do not love Jesus’ blood.  In fact, I, in my sin, demanded Jesus’ blood in a murderous rage, along with the Jews and Romans.  The very blood which makes sense of life has been made detestable by sin.  But this same blood makes the heart new; it makes our desires new.  It is the blood of faithfulness, offered up to the Father by Jesus, given to the world by God.

The greatest desire of the human heart is to know an eternal faithfulness.  This is the theme of our living.  We want a single story, like a thread that runs through everything, holding it all together.  And we find this thread in Jesus’ gospel–in a love that faithful and true.  Our anger and justice are stirred when we see infedility and betrayal.  God has put this in our hearts to move us toward the cross.

Look for this thread in your life.  It is everywhere, in all things, at every turn, in every thought.  We were made for fidelity.  You were made to recognize this thread.  Do not despise it, or it will condemn you.  But love it, and it will save you.


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