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June 25, 2010 / beidson

Inglorious Glory: You’re Already Doing What You Wish You Were Doing

I don’t know about you, but I spend an insane amount of time wondering about my future.  I am not completely sure about my motives for doing so, and I ask God continually to expose any mixture of sin in my pondering.  But one thing is clear: the life I am living now was the one I was dreaming of 10 years ago, though it may not seem like it.

Vain glory aside, we should aspire to achieve good things for Jesus in our lives.  He did not save us from sin and give us over to futility, for sure.  However, this does not mean he will make Bonos of us all (not that all of us want to be like Bono).  Most of us will just be plain and normal.

But this is where glory is.  If anyone would be great, he must be least, remember?  Accomplishing great things in your life that make a difference in other lives is more than likely going to happen in ordinary, unspectacular ways, unnoticeable to the proud eye.  Jesus stooped to be human.  His humiliation was essential to his exaltation.  He calls us to stoop as well.  Humble yourself, and he will exalt you in due time (1 Pt. 5:6).

Stop wondering when things will come together for you, when your hard work will finally pay off.  The truth is that it is paying off now, if indeed you have been working hard to be faithful.  Stop looking for your break.  Stop looking for the payoff.  Enjoy the place where God has put you.  Put sin to death.  Walk in the Spirit.  Boast in God’s grace.  Obey Jesus.  If you are doing these things, are you not the person you hoped you would be 10 years ago?  And if you continue to do these things, will you not be the person you want to be 10 years from now?

Your shinning moment is now.  The small things you have been entrusted with might be all you are ever entrusted with, so do them well and do them with joy.  You will probably be doing the same things in 10 years.

We have been called to a glory that is not obvious to most.  Be content with being lowly and normal.  We are called to die, and we will not do it if we are looking for fame and renoun.  Humble yourself.  God will lift you up when he wants.  This is glory for sinners.


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