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May 3, 2011 / beidson

Teleological Timidity

If we understand the goal and purpose of every moment, that God is uniting all things in Christ, things in heaven and things on earth (Eph. 1:10), then we really should not be afraid.  Too often, we forget that everything belongs to Jesus and is running its course just as God has planned.

Instead, we ought to be assured that God is not overlooking us who are looking to him for help.  All of our plans and purposes are summed up in God’s big plan to make Jesus the center of everything.  If our hope is in Jesus, we do not have to be frightened by the unknown because, in reality, there is no unknown, at least, not to God.  He has uniquely designed and executed his perfect, wise and good plan, and it will come to pass–you cannot mess it up.

Some people would hush us up for all of this talk about things being so certain, about every moment having a divinely-designed destiny.  But we ought not be shaken by their uncertainty.  God has told us what is going on–it’s not like we’re in the dark anymore, that is, unless we refuse to be in the light of Christ.


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