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May 23, 2011 / beidson

The Grand Finale of Futility

You will be vindicated.  One day, every struggling effort, every overlooked word, every unseen work, every frustrating moment will be resolved, and you will never again be swallowed up by insignificance.

We were all put under the curse of triviality when our father, Adam, held God’s word in contempt, as a trivial matter.  Ever since then we have been groaning under the weight of the gigantic rock that is suffering and smallness–we’re always losing something and unable to do anything about it, in any ultimate sense.

But the great news is that one day there will be a grand finale to futility.  Our smallness will no longer be a hindrance to our progress.  We will never be great like God; we will always be small and ineffective in comparison to him.  But as it is now, our smallness results in pain and loss; as it will be then, in the New Creation, without sin, our smallness will not in any way smother us and limit our enjoyment of God and his creation–we will be completely free from triviality.

Romans 8 reminds us that the entire cosmos was placed under the curse of futility, and like Adam and Eve, was subjected to an existence of deterioration and incompletion.  But soon our groaning will be answered with redemption, on that day when Jesus Christ destroys the devil and death and makes a new place for the Redeemed to dwell with God (Revelation 21).

On this day, we will bid farewell to futility and be satisfied with the perpetual fruitfulness that our souls long for.  This is the hope of our faith in Jesus, that he would vindicate all of our suffering under the curse, as the one who himself was vindicated by his Father, when he raised Jesus from the dead, the seal of futility itself.


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